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Upcoming and Recent Events



Apr. 5. 2018  ZOFO DUET plays ZOFOMOMA at University of California at Davis, Davis, CA

Mar. 3-4. 2018 Musical "A Mouse Can't Become A Lion" in Kobe, Japan.

Feb. 23. 2018  ZOFO DUET plays ZOFOMOMA at National Sawdust 7:00 PM, 80 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York

Feb. 21. 2018  ZOFO DUET plays ZOFOMOMA at Pennsylvania State UniversityLogan Concert SeriesErie, PA

Jan. 27. 2018  ZOFO DUET plays "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" as part of premiere performance of ZOFOMOMA at SFCM

Dec. 3. 2017  Music on the Hill presents "New Wave SF" at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in SF, CA |  produced by Andrew Vickers

Oct. 22. 2017  ZOFO DUET plays "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" NEW MUSIC CONCERT SERIES, Media, PA

Oct. 16. 2017  Giacomo Fiore plays "Yoshitsune Sembon Zakura" for prep guitar at SFCM Faculty Centennial Concert

Oct. 14. 2017  ZOFO DUET plays "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" Dartmouth Hopkins Center, Hanover, NH

Sep. 16. 2017  ZOFO DUET plays "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" at Museum of Art in Lodz, Poland

Sep. 14. 2017  ZOFO DUET plays "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" at Music on the Heights International Chamber Music Festival in Zakopane, Poland


Past Events


July. 15. 2017  ZOFO DUET plays "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" at Mendocino Music Festival in Mendocino, CA

Mar. 5. 2017    ZOFO DUET premieres "Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn" at Hot Air Music Festival in SF, CA

Oct. 7-9. 2016    The Esoterics premieres "In The Forest" for SSAATTBB, Seattle, WA

Sep. 25-30. 2016    Residency at Avaloch Farm Music Institute with Amaranth Quartet

Jul. 20. 2016   6:30pm Screening of 「Born With It - うまれつき」@Japan Society, Manhattan

Jun. 19. 2016  3:00pm @Marshall University, Huntington, WV
Jun. 18. 2016 3:30pm @First Congregational UCC Marietta, Marietta, OH
Jun. 17. 2016 7:00pm @Ariel Theatre, Gallipolis, OH
Mar. 29. 2016    Screening of 「Born With It - うまれつき」@USC, Los Angeles

Mar. 16. 2016    Screening of「Born With It - うまれつき」@CAAMFEST, San Francisco/Oakland

Feb. 20. 2016    Screening of「Born With It - うまれつき」@NewFilmMakers, Los Angeles

Feb. 11&13. 2016    Screening of「Born With It - うまれつき」@Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles

Feb. 12. 2016    Amaranth Quartet plays The Garden for string trio @Switchboard Music, San Francisco

Dec. 12. 2015   The Garden for string trio @DEDCAT society, Los Angeles

Nov. 18. 2015    gnarwhallaby premieres The Silver of the Sea @LACC Clausen Hall

Nov. 18. 2015    Screening of「Born With It - うまれつき」@Tokyo Midtown

Nov. 6. 2015    Yuko Inoue premieres 雫 shizuku -drops- @Sanko Museum, Gifu, Japan

Oct. 10. 2015    Patrick Behnke plays Sound of Snow @DEDCAT Society, Los Angeles

Sep. 12. 2015    American Composers Forum-LA presents The Dragon Nap @LACC Clausen Hall

Jun. 6-7. 2015    International Orange Chorale of San Francisco performs Summer Shower @SF/Berkeley

Current Projects

Guitar Concertino for Giacomo Fiore, guitar and Lazuli String Quartet, to be premiered on Dec 3 in San Francisco.

Recording of "Yoshitsune Sembon Zakura" for prep guitar (Giacomo Fiore, guitar) released in fall 2017 from Pinna records

A piece for string quartet commissioned by Amaranth Quartet

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