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  • Opera: Shizue - An American Story- with librettist Dmae Lo Roberts commissioned by Portland Opera (2024) in progress

  • Opera: The Emissary, with librettist Kelley Rourke, commissioned by Opera Parallèle (2021-23)

  • Musical: 茨姫 -IBARAKI-, commissioned by 劇団Compass (2019)

  • Musical: 羅針盤~キャプテン·ジョンの物語~, commissioned by 劇団Compass (2018)

  • Musical: Rhythmic Town, Masanari Ujigawa, director, commissioned by Zero Project (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

  • Dance: O Carnaval do Porto, commissioned by NPO Common Beat (2009)

for Theater
Vocal and Choral Works
  • "In The Forest" [Oscar Wilde] for SSAATTBB, commissioned by the Esoterics (2016)

  • “Summer has come” for SSA, commissioned by San Francisco Forest Choir (2015)

  • “Ave Regina cælorum” for SSA, commissioned by Nederlands Kodály Koor (2014)

  • “Ave Maria” for SSSSAA (2014)

  • “Summer Shower” 5 movements for mixed choir on two tanka poems (2014)

  • “The weeping Pleiads wester” [A. E. Houseman] for SATB, a cappella (2014) 

  • “O magnum mysterium” for SSAATTBB, a cappella (2013)

  • “Stars, I have seen them fall” [A. E. Houseman] for SATB quartet with SATB choir(2013)

  • “Dance” [Garcia Lorca] for Soprano and Piano (2012)

  • “Jaiken” (Rock-Paper-Scissors) for mixed choir, a cappella (2011)

       Commissioned by Amsterdam Conservatory Choir

  • Song cycle “Tsuki no Uta -Songs of the moon-” for Fl, Male voice, Mmb, Gt, Vc (2011)

       Selected piece of Los Angeles Composers Project 2012

Chamber and Solo Works


  • in progress for two piano, for Takashi Mizumoto&Yuka Maeda (2024)

  • through the komorebi, for piano, commissioned by dandaso (2020)

  • Red Shouldered Hawk for prepared viola, commissioned by Synchromy (2020)

  • The Arch in the Augmented Dimension for piano, commissioned by Music on the Hill (2017)

  • 秩父霊峰春暁 - Sacred Chichibu Peaks at Spring Dawn for 4-hand piano, commissioned by ZOFO (2017)

  • 雫 -drops- for prepared marimba, commissioned by Yuko Inoue (2015)

  • The Silver of the Sea for Cl, Vc, Tb, Pn written for gnarwallaby (2015)

  • Sound of Snow for solo viola, commissioned by Erica Zappia (2015)

  • 龍のうたた寝 -The Nap Dragon-, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, commissioned by Synchromy (2014)

  • 5 miniatures 義経千本桜・序切堀川 for solo guitar, commissioned by Giacomo Fiore (2014)

  • 九重の八重桜 —Eight-fold Sakura in Nine-fold Palace— for Piano (2014)

  • The Garden for String Trio (2013)

       San Francisco-Shanghai International Chamber Music Composition Award (2014)

  • Forest Labyrinth for Pierrot Ensemble (2012) 

  • integral air for Bass Clarinet, Piano and Double Bass (2012)

       2nd place, Jack Stone Award (2012)

  • Tsunami for wind sextet or piano quintet (Pn+string quartet) (2011)

       2011 MACCC Composition Competition 1st place (Piano quintet version)

  • irritation for String Quartet (2010) 

       2010 MACCC Composition Competition 2nd place


  • "merge" for wind symphony, commissioned by Project:音 Sound 음 (2016)

  • "sakura" for wind symphony, commissioned by Project:音 Sound 음 (2016)

  • 八岐大蛇 Yamata-no-Orochi (2014)

  • Symphonic Poem Cycle “昼〜夜〜朝 -day, night, morning-” (2012-2014)

       Five movements for orchestra

  • 3^(1+1) -in memory of the 2011 Northern Japan Earthquake & Tsunami (2011)

       Winning piece of Ablaze Records Orchestral Masters 2013

       Honorable mention from Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute 2012

Orchestral Works
for Films and TV
  • 「風と舟」”The wind and the Boat” short film. Kiyoshi Kurahara, director (2014)

  • “Born With It” short film. Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, director (2013)

  • “Black/White Foxes and the Cave of Light” short film. Kiyoshi Kurahara, director (2012)

  • “The First Time” short film. Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, director (2010)

  • “The Mistake” short film. Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, director (2010)

  • “Keep holding me” feature film. Sayaka Fukui, director (2010) 

  • “Door to the Ocean” feature film. Reiko Ohashi, director (2009)

  • “Queen of Spiders’ Land” feature film, Tsunemoto Takuya, director (2009)

  • “Bank! Bank! Bank!”, VOD web site exclusive feature film. Toshikazu Nagai, director (2008)

  • “Forbidden to broadcast 6” TV drama, Toshikazu Nagai, director (Fuji Television 2008)

  • “Forbidden to broadcast the movie” nationwide screened in Japan.Toshikazu Nagai, director (2008) 

  • Gymnastics: "Over the mountains" for gymnastics women’s floor, commissioned by Keiko Nishikawa (2015)

  • Video Game: “Summon Trigger” (Nihon Data corp.) video game for iOS/Android (2015)

  • Gymnastics: “秋風” for gymnastics women’s floor, commissioned by Keiko Nishikawa (2014)

  • “Kanabun” BGM for iOS puzzle game (2009)

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